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1.5kg Apophyllite & Pink Chalcedony Cluster Pedestal Stand

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Measures approx 13cm x 13cm x 7.9cm

Weight approx 1.5kg 

Apophyllite is a very high vibrational stone that helps one attune their energies to those of higher dimensions and realms. This stone is here to connect one with their guardian angels and spirits who are guiding them on this journey of life. Our third eye and crown chakras become unlocked, with a powerful connection formed between the two. This channel will help one understand the images and energies they see and feel when meditating with this stone. Apophyllite is a perfect tool for anyone looking to expand their consciousness and connect to a foreign realm not like our own. All practitioners of astral projection and lucid dreaming need a piece of Apophyllite at their bedside. This stone will fill one's entire room with high vibrational energy that will allow one to easily transcend into the abyss.

Pink Chalcedony inspires compassion. It opens your heart to loving energies and imparts the ability to understand others’ feelings and worries. Pink Chalcedony also opens others to you. It is a stone that counteracts negativity. It also can help those who are having emotional issues, or are healing from love related problems. Pink Chalcedony is a stone of the Heart Chakra. It radiates loving energy and opens your heart to self-acceptance and self-love. Pink Chalcedony encourages kindness and positive spirituality. It inspires optimism and joy, and can also impart generosity.