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Rare Black Spinel Teardrop with Blue Flash Sterling Silver Earrings

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Rare black spinel with blue flash earrings set in a solid sterling silver 925 setting. 

Measures 3.8cm x 1.1cm


Black Spinel is a protective stone that repels negativity and grounds the user while evoking inspiration and empowerment, without overwhelming others. It is also thought to help one find calmness and let go of resentments to re-establish relationships and dispel sadness. Black Spinel has been thought to heal the body as a whole, but is used to particularly help one’s bladder, intestines, and female reproductive system.

A stone of renewal, Spinel is a wonderful energy generator that leaves us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It offers encouragement and support during difficult times. Spinel brings out the positive aspects of our personality and helps us to be humble in our successes and encouraging during our difficulties. Spinel opens our Chakras and facilitates the rise of Kundalini energy from the base of our spine upward.