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Crystal Blvd

Natural Green Tourmaline Faceted Rectangle Sterling Silver Ring

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Size O

Measures approx 7.6cm x 6cm

Green Tourmaline has a lovely vibration that stimulates happiness and joy for life! It is an earth energy stone that will attune you to the vibration of Mother Gaia. The metaphysical properties of this delightful green crystal relate to how it connects you to the earth. It resonates within the higher heart chakra which strongly promote compassion, particularly towards yourself. They have a strong healing capacity that is especially helpful for earth healing and aiding the nature kingdom. Green tourmaline are powerful healing crystals for you to use, as it has a gift that helps the heart to make an electromagnetic connection with the earth itself. This may also help to improve the health of the physical heart. This is a strong stone to aid you to gain a greater understanding of the flow of energy between the mineral and plant kingdoms.