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Pink Natrolite Heart SS 925 Pendent 4037

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Measures approx 3cm x 2cm

These beautiful hearts are pinker than their photos. 

Natural Pink Natrolite from Indonesia, also known as pink larimar or thomsonite, pink natrolite is a Synergy 12 crystal that brings pain relief, healing the subtle body systems and balancing hormones and frequencies. In general, natrolite resonates with the Third Eye, Crown, and Soul Star Chakras for psychic protection, inner exploration, and enlightenment. In its pink variety, natrolite is especially powerful in activating the Heart Chakra and easing the pain of heartbreak. Whether you’re recovering from loss, ready to open up to new love, or looking to deepen the soul connections already present in your life, this crystal will lead the way.

Pink natrolite is a powerful tool for empaths and healers. This stone extends your sense of awareness beyond yourself and outward towards the planet, mineral kingdoms, and global and universal energies. In this way, pink natrolite is a stone of deep compassion, helping you understand and see the true light and essence of people, experiences, and energies around you. It brings awareness to the heart, relieves heart-ache, and surrounds you in serene, tranquil, and healing energies.