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‘Hestia’ Shades or Red, Purple & Pink Amethyst Cluster On Stand AME6

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Measures approx 23.5cm x 13cm

Weight approx 2kg

Combining the healing power of Amethyst with the vibrant red energy of Hematite, this crystal brings a whole new level of energy and balance. If you're feeling out of sorts or mentally blocked, a short session with Amethyst can refresh and reenergize you, bringing back that sense of alertness and control. But that's not all! With the addition of Hematite, Red Amethyst also brings courage, tenacity, inner strength, romance, and passion into your life. It's the perfect crystal to balance and heal your Root and Crown Chakras, while repairing any wounds to your self-worth. And if you're going through a tough time after a relationship, Red Amethyst offers comfort, healing, and encouragement. Get ready to experience the magic and power of Red Amethyst.