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‘Amphitrite’ Larimar Heart Of The Ocean with Ocean Kyanite & Pearls Pendent LHP3

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Measures approx 6.7cm x 5.7cm

Handmade & set in solid sterling silver.

Also known as the stone of Atlantis and dolphin stone. Larimar radiates love and peace while promoting tranquility. Its a highly spiritual stone, alleviating negative emotions such as guilt and attracting light energy into the body. Larimar is an earth-healing stone. It connects with nature and will counteract inbalances in the earth's energy. Larimar helps to heal and tone the throat. By opening up the throat chakra, it promotes self-confidence and encourages us to express our deepest truths and fears. Especially helpful in removing self-imposed blockages and constraints, Larimar assists us in taking control of our lives by dissolving self-sabotaging behaviour, alleviating guilt and removing fear. Larimar is a wonderful meditation stone. It quickly and effortlessly calms the mind and bestows inner peace. It naturally raises consciousness and facilitates contact and communication with the angelic realms. Larimar brings harmony and assists in balancing the yin-yang energies, thus unifying our male and female qualities. It promotes self healing and is excellent for unplugging the meridians and dissolving energy blocks, particularly in the head, neck and chest. Larimar embraces love and joy, opening up the heart by allowing us to express unconditional love.

Connecting the Earth, Air & Water Elements. Ocean kyanite combines the powerful properties of blue and green kyanite in one stone, opening and activating your chakras for total restoration and peace. Blue kyanite is the most powerful stone for balance and alignment, while green kyanite supports physical healing. Ocean kyanite is a combination of green and blue kyanite.

Green kyanite supports the heart, physical healing and aligns the central nervous system. It creates a bridge between the self and the natural world, leading you to feel the constant perfect flow of the universe. Green kyanite makes it easier to enter the realm of nature spirits and channel their wisdom and messages. It helps you access Mother Earth’s deepest wisdom and is grounding and stabilizing. This stone works with nature’s healing power, helping you absorb the nurturing energy of the Earth. In addition to being a heart chakra gem, green kyanite also resonates with the root chakra. It opens portals to inner domains and supports astral travel.

Blue kyanite strengthens your intuition and wisdom, as well as your will and vision, so that you can move in concert with the highest good. It also creates rapid transfers of energy, which open the psychic channels wide and activate mind centers to enable faster downloads of information from higher sources. Blue kyanite stabilizes your energy and elevates the level of good vibrations in your energy field. It’s also good for balancing hormones.

Pearl possesses emotional healing and balancing properties, making it a popular choice for individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, or other emotional issues. Pearl also attracts wealth and peace, making it beneficial for those seeking financial improvement or inner tranquility