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Elite Shungite ES6

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Measures approx 7cm x 4.6cm x 2.6cm

Colombian Shungite is a stone of truth that activates the root & earth star chakras for powerful grounding. It’s a purifier, clears the aura, grounds & heals all chakras, especially the root. In Roman times, shungite was used for purifying water. This stone has not only been known to purify energies, it’s also been known to remove anything dark or negative in its path as well as removing toxins and impurities. Colombian Shungite encourages authenticity, making it almost uncomfortable to speak or act in a way that’s not aligned with the truth of who you are. Additionally, Colombian shungite assists you in letting go of deeply entrenched feelings of fear, guilt or shame. If you need to cleanse or clear anything, Colombian shungite is the tool for you. It’s often said that if you seek shungite or are gifted a piece, you’ll innately know exactly how you’re meant to work with it. Place this Colombian Shungite anywhere nearby to help you ground, anchor and clear the energy. This stone can filter anything, including your old beliefs and attachments. It’s a wonderful tool for all kinds of personal work.