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Natural Record Keeper Ruby Hexagon R8

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Measures approx 3.9cm x 3.8cm x 1.5cm

Weight approx 62g

Tap into passion and love with these beautiful Natural Record Keeper Ruby sourced from India. Ruby is a gem of passion, intensity, life force, and love. It activates the heart chakra and helps heal emotional and physical issues of the heart, including heartache from past trauma, grief, and loss. Ruby attracts love – this can be new love or reigniting the flame that’s already there. If you’ve been lacking motivation, this crystal helps you find your passion and recommit to goals with enthusiasm and confidence. Ruby is also believed to hold memories of love, and working with this gem is a great way to honor the legacy of loved ones. To add to the magic, this stone is also a record keeper – promoting spiritual communication. Record keeper gemstones have raised or intended trigons on their surface. This means that perfectly formed triangles are visible as subtle imprints on the side of the crystal, giving it the added magic of sacred geometry. Work with this Natural Record Keeper Ruby Hexagon to invoke energies of beauty, passion, and otherworldly wisdom.