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Oval Holographic Iris Agate & Diamond Quartz Sterling Silver Pendent 1827

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Measures approx 4.3cm x 2.1cm

Many more rainbows in real life 

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Access exactly what you need for wholeness with this holographic healing Iris agate. Iris agate displays the entire spectrum of colors when light shines through its very thin bands, so it’s like staring directly into a rainbow. It promotes honesty, centers and grounds you, and strengthens joy, trust, and optimism. Holographic healing is like distance healing, where you can access many different healed versions of yourself. Iris agate, also known as rainbow agate, is a vibrant bringer of happiness. Since rainbows normally consist of the seven primary colors, they represent universality, oneness, creation & the seven main chakras. Iris agate helps align the chakras clearing the way for harmony and energetic balance. It inspires creativity in every way – mind, body, and soul. Like all agates, iris agate is a gem of strength, healing, and emotional stability. It casts peaceful energy that aids you in overcoming low vibrational energies. Agate attracts luck, and the symbolism of the rainbow in these colorful cabochons only increases your good fortune.

Healing is an interdimensional process. Because there are healed versions of you in the holographic realms, you can access your healed codes and bring them into present time, ‘harvesting’ what is needed in order to shift any paradigms of illness or disease. It’s believed that during the Lemurian times, each of us had multiple strands of DNA specifically for the purpose of harvesting and healing our own and each other’s, without sacrificing the integrity of the primary strand. You can activate parts of your genetic code that are dormant, to shift your emotional well-being, your physical well-being, and your level of spiritual awareness.

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