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‘Ivy’ Prasiolite Cluster Heart On Stand P1

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Measures approx 12cm x 13cm x 6cm

Measures approx on stand 15cm x 13cm

Weight approx 1.5kg


Prasiolite, also known as Green Green Amethyst is a deeply nurturing stone. It helps us to master fear and instills a peace of mind, allowing us to find relief from stress and anxiety. Prasiolite offers rejuvenation and healing, and is a wonderful stone to work with for those of us who suffer from trauma, PTSD, or addiction issues. It holds a cleansing and purifying quality that allows us to transform and embark on a journey of a new beginning. It aids us in our growth by enhancing our strength, courage, power, confidence, and clarity. Prasiolite activates our passion and helps us to find motivation and inspiration. When used in mediation, Prasiolite allows us to access our intuition, gain insight into higher knowledge, divine wisdom, and a inner truth. It also enables clairvoyant abilities to shine and helps us access past life recall. A stone of longevity, Prasiolite helps us to trust both in ourselves and the Universe's divine path for us, ultimately leading us to a state of passionate joy. Prasiolite is also an excellent stone for leadership. Prasiolite activates, opens, and heals the Heart and Root Chakras. It is associated with the mysterious intelligence of Scorpio and the persistent optimism of Capricorn.