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Rare Lavender Jade Sphere LJ21

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Measures approx 5.2cm

A uniquely beautiful twist on an ancient gemstone, Rare Turkish Lavender Jade is only found in one place in the world; the Bursa Province in Turkey’s Marmara Region.

Incredibly beautiful, immensely collectable, and undeniably rare, Turkish Purple Jade is a treasured addition to any collection.

Turkish Purple Jade is totally natural and unenhanced, which is a critical attribute for top qualities.

Turkish Purple Jade, also known as Turkiyenite, has been used as a modern gemstone since the 80s. The base colors run from gray-purple to rich deep purple, with various mottling. These color variations, along with deep green dots and red streaks, provide an interesting canvas that highlights the gem’s characteristic patterns.


Lavender Jade connects us to the highest etheric spectrum as it provides deep spiritual nourishment, spiritual purification, and spiritual attunement. It is a stone of compassion and serenity, allowing us to release cynicism, anger, resentment, and despair in order to reach and maintain an attitude of radical acceptance and serenity. It is a wonderful stone to enhance meditation, as it releases mental clutter and offers ultimate stillness. In this way, Lavender Jade allows us to reach visionary states, psychic awareness, and an acute level of intuition. It opens, activates, and heals the Crown and Heart Chakras and is connected to the Earth element.