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Raw Gypsum Selenite Slab 4657

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Measures approx 14.5cm x 8.5cm x .3cm

Selenite is peaceful and gentle, yet potent and strong. Named after the moon goddess Selene, it clears, brings radiant, pure, positive vibration to your space, clarity. A stone of joy and peace, pure white light, and peaceful sleep, selenite harness moon magic and energy. Low frequencies naturally rise in the vibrational presence of selenite. It represents Divine Feminine power and beauty, opens the Crown Chakra for higher realm connection.

Selenite is one of the most powerful clearing stones in the world. An effective clearing agent of the auric field, Selenite removes all energy blockages in our body. Hold Selenite, or have it nearby, as you visualize the crystal erasing all the negativity, fear, pain, stress, heartache, or worry.

Selenite is used for clearing and purifying fellow crystals, jewelry, and environments. This Crown Chakra crystal effectively cleanses and releases any negativity that may be found in our space, inviting peace and serenity, and deepening the sense of belonging.

Selenite opens, heals, and activates the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. It is associated to the nurturing support of Cancer, and the adaptable duality of Gemini.