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Rhodochrosite Freeform 4828

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Measures approx 7.7cm x 6.3cm x 2.1cm

Weight approx 167g


To attract our perfect match, we must first learn to appreciate ourselves. Rhodochrosite aids in the acute stages of Heart Healing, as it directs love towards the self, specifically for the purposes of emotional healing.

This stone soothes the heart and comforts the soul. It allows us to fully blossom, by vibrating to the frequencies of inner peace and self-forgiveness. It is a foremost ally of healing the inner child.

Pink is the color of love, which makes the Rhodochrosite properties a powerful addition to your collection of heart-based healing crystals. Rhodochrosite is known for attracting love by opening up the heart chakra with its healing vibrations. Let this gentle heart crystal connect you with your playful inner child. Feel your spirit begin to soar as old emotional wounds dissolve like melted candy, releasing energy blockages keeping you from happiness, your divine right. 

This subtle beauty is more than a love potion. Rhodochrosite also connect the upper and lower energy fields of the body, clearing away psychic debris that has accumulated over the years. When facing painful matters of the heart, this crystal gives us the courage to trust another soul with our vulnerable hearts. The Rhodochrosite stone meaning gives us the inner strength to take another chance at love, because even if you fall, this crystal will always catch you.