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‘Violeta’ Rich Purple Charoite Palm Stone CP1

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Measures approx 8cm x 5cm x 4cm

Weight approx 290g

Absolutely! Here's an Instagram post about the enchanting powers of Charoite:

Embrace the Magic of Charoite. 

Dive into the transformative energy of Charoite, a crystal that invites healing and growth on all levels. With its captivating purple hues and swirling patterns, Charoite is a stone of courage, helping you overcome fears and step into your true potential. 

Let Charoite guide you on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Allow its loving vibrations to heal emotional wounds and bring harmony to your spirit. 

Tap into the mystical powers of Charoite and unlock your inner strength. Let it awaken your intuition, enhance your dreams, and connect you to higher realms of consciousness. 

Experience the magic of Charoite and embrace the transformation that awaits you.