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‘Tallulah’ Turquoise, Quantum Quattro & Emerald Green Kyanite Pendent 925 TP8

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Measures approx 8.1cm x 2.4cm

Handcrafted in solid sterling silver

Hubei Mountains

Turquoise is a stone associated with the Throat chakra, responsible for communication, self-expression, and creativity. Its blend of blue and green represents the balance between the heart and the mind. Turquoise promotes spiritual expansion, authenticity, and truth. It acts as a powerful purifier and healer, strengthening and protecting warriors in battles. Those who wear Turquoise attract good fortune. Overall, Turquoise is a powerful stone that helps individuals connect with their inner truth and express themselves authentically. Turquoise has a rich history that dates back thousands of years. It has been highly valued by ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Persians, and Native Americans. The Egyptians used Turquoise in their jewelry and amulets, considering it a symbol of protection and prosperity. In Persia, Turquoise brought good luck and was often used to decorate palaces and mosques. Native American tribes considered Turquoise a sacred stone, using it for spiritual ceremonies and as a symbol of power and protection. Throughout history, Turquoise has been treasured for its beauty and metaphysical properties, making it a significant gemstone in various cultures.

Quantum Quattro grounds, protects, clears & absorbs all forms of energy, releasing it to the Earth. Quantum Quattro is a powerful balancing crystal, balancing the mind, body and spirit, dissolving emotional disturbance, fear and sadness into acceptance and calmness. Quantum Quattro stimulates the heart, throat and third eye chakras and is a crystal of truth, communication and intuition and has a deeply peaceful, loving and protective energy. Quantum Quattro releases blockages of repressed negative emotions, and provides inner strength in times of prolonged stress. Quantum Quattro provides for spiritual maturation and supports transformation. Quantum Quattro is connected to the heart, throat and third eye chakra. Through the heart chakra, quantum Quattro enables you to recognize and release emotional patterns and emotional traumas that are retained in cellular memory and DNA, thereby helping with emotional healing and emotional balance. Through the throat and third eye chakras, quantum quattro helps you with your inner vision, so that you can understand problems in your life and communicate your feelings and inner truths with a heart-focused consciousness.

Green Kyanite is a powerful crystal associated with the Heart Chakra and Root Chakra. Its vibrant green color symbolizes growth, renewal, and healing. This crystal supports physical healing and alignment by balancing energies and body systems. It aligns major body systems, the central nervous system, and chakras, bringing inner peace and helping individuals connect with their deepest truth. Green Kyanite aids in heart healing, opens portals to inner domains, facilitates astral travel, and accesses the profound wisdom of Mother Earth. It is a wonderful crystal for anyone seeking physical healing, emotional balance, and spiritual growth.