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Tree Of Life Native Arborvitae Wood Backflow Incense Burner

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Natural aromatic arborvitae wood backflow incense burner. Fantastic size to cleanse your jewellery, palmstones and other crystals. 

Measures approx 15cm x 13cm

Intuitively chosen 

Incense backflow cones, jewellery, crystals and accessories not included. 

Native to the Pacific Northwest of North America, Arborvitae is a majestic evergreen coniferous tree that is valued for its many unique benefits.

The arborvitae tree provides an essential oil with cleansing properties. Warm and woody, Arborvitae essential oil is used in meditation practices for its calming aroma. 

The variety of chemical components found in Arborvitae essential oil makes it a must-have for wood preservation. Arborvitae has natural preserving properties that keep wood from rotting. Because of this unique preservation ability, Arborvitae is often used in woodcraft and for protecting wood surfaces.

The wood and natural components of Arborvitae are also recognised by Native Americans, who used it for making vessels, totem poles, baskets, and clothing.

Arborvitae natural oil not only protects its wood, but its organic elements also safeguard individuals against environmental and seasonal threats as an effective cleanser.

The essential oil produced from Arborvitae trees is ideal for using aromatically and topically for cleansing and purifying. With so many beneficial qualities and uses, there is no question as to why Arborvitae has earned the nickname "tree of life."

 -Place incense burner on a heat-resistant surface.

-Never leave burning incense unattended.

-Keep out of reach of children.